Spare Parts

Here you find original Bose Spare Parts for older products.


A lot of original Bose Cables for your Lifestyle systems, speakers and Bose Link.


Accessories for Bose Professionel installation system (BPIS)

Why choose Proba?

My name is Bjarne Andersen and I have for the last 24 years worked with and specialized in sales and installation of Bose Consumer and Pro products. Out of theese 24 years, I was employed by Bose Scandinavia for 7 years, working with support and training for dealers.

In April 2014, I chose to return to my own company where I focus on a few but strong core competencies, with sales and installation of selected products.

What characterizes me and my company Proba is honest, serious and Professional advice, hence the name Proba (Bjarne Andersen).

I have a huge stock of accessories and spare parts for many Bose products, and maybe you will find products that are expired, even at Bose. All products are original.

When the product is out of stock, it will be sold out. I will not get any new products.


Original Bose Cubes


Lot’s of original Bose Accessories for Bose products.

Other products

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